Best Place for Selfies

We walked around Chicago today and discovered the cool Cloud Gate in Millennium Park. This is the best place to take selfies and to see yourself and to play with your reflection, as well as the reflection of the Windy City.

We had fun posing together and laughing at the different shots and angles. I love photography!!

The Bean

This is the coolest one – you see all of us together and to the left is the reflection of our backsides and the city. I love this and didn’t even know we were getting a three-for-one.

I sat on the underside of the bean and looked back while I snapped a selfie and got this. How fun you guys! I swear, I don’t think I’ll ever grow up. I was curious and mesmerized by how the mirrored reflections were working and kept playing under that magical bean, even as it started to rain and my family was left waiting for me.

Here I Am

Juliana came and captured and shared this fun little moment too.

Thank you to Juliana for sharing some of her photos with me. She’s a good photographer and has a good eye.

Life is good.

If you get to Chicago, I hope you get a chance to go out and play at the cloud gate too.

xo Adriana

2 thoughts on “Best Place for Selfies

  1. Great picture of all of you. Your weather looks like what we are having here-it rained last night. Enjoy your vacation. Love Pat

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