My kids are lucky to still have two grandfathers and one great grandfather still living.

None of their grandparents live close to us and we have to travel to see them, however my father (and mother) often comes to visit us too.

This year we’ve been fortunate to have the time to travel across the United States to spend quality time with these important men in our lives.

In May, we traveled to Colorado to see PopPop, who is Jeff’s grandfather and the kids’ great grandfather. The kids loved hearing his stories and sharing their stories from our European adventure.

I love how they can carry a conversation and have great interest in his life and him in theirs.

We had the opportunity to go camping with Opa, who is my father and their grandfather. I loved watching my dad share his passion for fishing with my boys and how they learned from him.


There was great joy experienced across generational lines. My dad loved helping the kids and I loved watching him with my kids. The boys enjoyed the special attention and just fishing together, especially when Christian caught a fish. Charlie, on the other hand, loved fishing until he caught one and had to touch it to remove it from the line. He refused and that was the end of our fishing joy. Maybe one day he won’t be afraid to get his hands all slimy.

Today we got to spend the day with Gramps, who is Jeff’s dad and someone we don’t get to see very often. At the end of our visit the guitars came out and joy spread across the room. Gramps loves to play the guitar and watching him with my boys, smiling and sharing some tips with them made me happy. They shared a connection.


I am thankful for Grandfathers today, especially PopPop, Opa and Gramps, and for the love they share with my kids.

And I’m thankful for the love I received from my grandfathers who have passed away too – miss you Grandpa, Opa and Great Opa!

Hugs to your grandfathers too!


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