Do you ever feel stuffed?

This feeling overwhelms me sometimes.

My messy linen closet is symbolic of that feeling.

It is stuffed beyond capacity and there is not enough space to store all the stuff so it quickly becomes disorganized. I’m embarrassed to share it, but let’s keep things real. Life gets messy when you’re busy living happily ever after.

It’s a trade off and I’m ok with it until I’m not because the space doesn’t work anymore because it’s too stuffed, like now!

I need to take everything out and start again and create nice new stacks. Maybe then the stuff will be easier to find and manage.

It just takes time to get everything back in it’s proper place and there is too much stuff to fit in the small space.

I know, I should just get rid of half of it but which half? My linen closet is tiny and stores sheets and mattress covers for 6 beds of different sizes, bath towels, wash cloths, table cloths, beach towels, blankets and Charlie’s shoes. I think I’m trying to have it do too much for it’s limited space. It’s probably why it looks like this.

I know, blah blah blah…stop making excuses and just do it, right? I’ll add it to my To Do list. But for now, I’m “too busy.”

What’s stuffed at your house?

I wish you enough and time to stay organized and unstuffed.

Purge, baby purge!


6 thoughts on “Stuffed

  1. Adriana. Go to target or bed, bath and beyond and purchase a container that fits under each bed. Then you just put sheets and/or am extra blanket that fits that bed. And tada!!! You will have the sheets that you need so no more digging around in the closet. And your kiddos can have easy access to them, to place new sheets on their bed. And the bonus is that you have more room in your linen closet! Hope this helps. Love you!!

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    • Love this idea – we don’t have a guest room anymore and that was where I used to store extra blankets. I’ve moved the extra blankets to the kids’ rooms but I’m going to add the sheets and extra pillows to their rooms too. Thank you for that idea Laurie!! Love you.

  2. Ok I’m going to share with you my solution for the linens closet. I needed to use mine for. Food pantry and misc storage of platters, vases, etc. There was no room for linens. I have 1 set of sheets for each bed in the house. When I need to wash them, I wash them and they go right back on the beds. I have 2 extra quilts and 2 extra pillows for couch sleepers. I have maybe 4 extra towels hand towels and washcloths stored under the bathroom sink. That’s all the linens I own. It’s freeing!!

    • Exactly!! I think we can do it – it’s just a matter of time and pulling everything out and making some decisions. I need a partner to tell me throw it away, let it go!! When we were moving to Holland, my sister came and helped me go through my clothes and was the voice of reason to get rid of the old and uglies!! Loved her sense of humor and how she teased me about the ten year old shirts and sweaters.

    • The less stuff you possess the less your stuff possesses you. I have to practice this! So liberating but I’m always afraid that I’ll have to change sheets in the middle of the night and not have any. But I guess that might only happen once a year if that so it’s another one of those stupid irrational fears. And I like to change the colors… Decisions, decisions! I like your idea Marcia and you’re one of the most organized people I know. Wanna come over and help me?

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