We Are One

Today I am shaken. I am sad.

A missle shot down a civilian airplane traveling from the Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur. 298 people passed away and I keep getting teary eyed. That could have been my family or your family and I am incredibly sad today. 154 Dutch citizens passed away. My friend’s husband works for Malaysia Airlines and another expat friend travels back and forth between Amsterdam and Malaysia.

“But today, regardless of nationality, we are all united in grief.” – Prime Minister of Malaysia – Dato’ Seri Najib Razak

We are all one. We all want peace and love and live for the connections we make and share with one another.

Life is not fair and the grief that has been created by a thoughtless act creates uncertainty and fear. This is not how we want to live.

What can we do? We can create peace. We can be loving and thankful and do our best to be compassionate and loving to all we meet, even if they are different from us. It doesn’t cost anything.

I am sad today.I am fearful yet I will not be afraid. I choose love.

God bless all the families and friends who have been hurt today and may you find peace again. Namaste.

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