Simple Pleasures

Today I met a college friend for coffee at Santana Row. I love this place. I love the ambiance and people watching, even though it is overpriced with high end stores.

We sat outside for hours catching up after not having chatted much since before we moved to Amsterdam. Beth is one of my BFFs and was one of my roommates at College. It was so strange that she texted me yesterday, out of the blue, because I was just literally thinking of her the same day and she texted me two hours later. I was thankful that she reached out and she reminded me that I should pick up the phone and call or text my BFFs when they pop into my mind.

After sitting, we strolled down the street, enjoying browsing in the different stores without a plan or agenda. We just enjoyed being girls, chatting and shopping and comparing notes.

After she left me, I had two hours more until it was time to pick up the kids nearby. I decided just to enjoy more window shopping and walked some more alone. I was happy to not have that busy, mad rush feeling, that I usually carry. I had “nothing” I had to do, and enjoying my friend, and shopping outdoors was a perfect way to spend the day and to just be.

I ended up getting hungry and decided to drive over to Pacific Catch in Campbell to get a Poke salad. This was the highlight of my day, it was that good. I loved the presentation and the flavor and enjoyed every single bite and felt so happy eating it in my car! I didn’t want to miss Juliana’s pick up time, so I took my late lunch to go and enjoyed every bite, all by myself.


I love that food can be that satisfying and still be healhy.

I love that today was just chill and that I did not feel like I had to multi-task with a long to do list. I just enjoyed the day as it unfolded with simple pleasures, visiting with a good friend, enjoying beautiful surroundings, eating a deliciously prepared meal and spending time with my family.

Life is good.

How was your day, honey? 😉

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