Photo Collections and Photo Workflow


I have 3,619 photos and 50 videos currently on my iphone. This is a serious problem.

I spent several hours today trying to solve this problem, but didn’t get very far.

After I’ve filled my iphoto libraries and dropped my external hard drive and paid over $1500 to restore my backups, I’m still in need of a photo solution.

I researched Flickr and Google Plus tonight and played with both as online backups. But there is still a photo workflow process problem. I want to be able to have my photos organized by month and event and be able to easily share them via albums, facebook, text messages, print, and put them onto our tv for daily viewing, and I want them to be safe and in their original formats.

I take too many photos and don’t edit or delete them right away which creates the biggest problem. Too many to deal with which makes me want to put my phone down and stop taking photos, which isn’t really a solution.

I have to get better at deleting and editing right away. I can do it. I can do it. If I say it enough times, maybe I’ll convince myself. I know I’m not the only one with this issue.

I would think by now I would have chosen a favorite place to upload and view and organize my pictures, but I haven’t, which is the second part of the problem.

Tomorrow I am going to use Image Capture to view photos off of my iphone and then I’m going to use my file manager to create monthly folders again and hopefully albums within those folders.

Next, I’m going to buy a new external backup drive and copy my flat files from my hard-drive onto the dedicated external drive.

And once they all are tidy, I’m going to copy these cute little albums to Flickr to store and create my online backups.

And last but not least, I just downloaded a free trial from Backblaze to copy all my files unto a online backup service.

Do you think this will help me solve our photo organization problem and make it easier to find and share pictures? I hope so!! If you have any suggestions or ideas that might be better, or if you’ve read a great article on this topic, please do share.

This photo thing sucks up a lot of time.

I’m tired!!

5 thoughts on “Photo Collections and Photo Workflow

  1. This is a big issues for everyone. I have some info to share. When I get a chance I will email you. I have over 20,000 photos!

  2. Aww, I run into the awful photo overflow problem all the time as well!! It is the curse and blessing of the iPhone it seems! 🙂 I actually just created a private blog about a month ago where I started placing the photos in order. Every week I will download them all onto the blog and date it accordingly. This has been working pretty good for me so far, but we will see. This way, I know I will have them saved as well, even if my computer crashed or our place caught on fire and everything burned–yes, I consider these possibilities when it comes to my precious pictures! 🙂

    • That sounds like a good idea. I like the private blog idea that hosts the best of the best. Another friend says she uses Shutterfly to upload her favorites and makes books from those. The rest she stores on extra external hard drives. It sounds like the best practice is to delete and edit right away and dedicate an hour or two a week to organize and categorize and back up your pictures more regularly. Hmm. I like it. Sounds like work though that I haven’t managed to make a priority, which is probably why I feel so far behind!! 😉

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