I didn’t have any today. I ate the chips and cheese and salami and two warmly baked and fresh chocolate chip cookies. Oh yeah, and I think I ate some guacamole too. Whoops. I didn’t measure and I didn’t record and I ate and ate as Holland played a boring match and lost the World Cup today. At least the food and company was good.

What kind of willpower are you practicing?

Juliana is practicing math for 6 and a half hours per day and comes home after school and spends one to two or three hours more studying and practicing. She’s taking an algebra class this summer to get ahead, so that she’s better prepared for an advanced math and science track when she gets to high school. This kid is a rock star.

She has discipline and willpower like no one else I know. She gets it. She knows the importance of working hard and she applies herself and keeps going, even when she’s tired and bored and frustrated. I learn from her everyday and admire her.

Christian and Charlie are determined to play Minecraft every day for as many hours as possible. But I keep interfering with their goals. Imagine that. This is our daily struggle. They are really good at playing and I’m really good at calling foul and limiting screen time, as my willpower is stronger and feel that kids should be outside playing and reading and doing stuff together, besides looking at screens. Poor kids. 😉

Jeff has willpower to get up every morning and to make me coffee and workout most mornings. He also has willpower to drive in traffic every day and to go to work and to deal with people and then to come home to deal with me and the kids. Poor guy. He works so hard. I wonder which is easier – going to work or coming home to the demands of a busy and loving family? Hmm…

I guess willpower is about doing the work. And when we do the work, we typically get the rewards and can feel good about ourselves.

What willpower do you wish you had? Or what things are needing your willpower? I know I need more willpower to read and finish my book, but I get so distracted by all the other things I could be doing besides reading. I guess willpower also takes dedication and commitment. Hmm… guess I have some work to do and so with that I’m going to bed to pick up my book and read and say goodnight.

Namaste. I hope you had a good day, even though Holland lost. Congratulations Argentina!!

2 thoughts on “Willpower

  1. I could certainly use more self control and will power when itcomes to food and working out…as a recovering bulimic it’s a tough road some days but I’ve learned the more of my own will power I try to use, the less well it seems to go because it’s not about MY will power but God’s will in my life…, easy to say, hard to utilize sometimes! ☺

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