Changing Times

20140706-213155.jpgThis is the play set in our backyard. We’re getting ready to retire it and share it with a new family.

Jeff and Steve built it several years ago and it has provided much entertainment for our kids and for friends and family who visit.  Our kids are growing up and don’t really play on it anymore, so it’s time to say goodbye even though I feel attached to the memories. Once in awhile they will sit on the swings or sway across the monkey bars. We’re ready to let it go and to make space for something new.

Making space. That seems to be another theme of mine this year, along with letting go. How can we let go of the past to create space for the new?  Letting go is sometimes challenging because of all the memories encapsulated in the stuff. But letting go allows us to experience something new and I’m all for that. Even though I feel a bit sad as we get ready to let go.

I’m excited to be giving the play set to one of my PEO Sisters who has two young daughters under the age of three. I love giving things away, knowing they are going to good homes and knowing that another family might be able to enjoy what was once ours. It is silly to feel a connection to stuff, but I am connected to the memories of youth and little kids and the am proud that Jeff and Steve built this for our kids. Gving it away makes me fully aware that my kids aren’t little anymore.  *big sigh*  I am happy that other little ones will get to enjoy it though and create their own fun memories.

Life is good. Namaste.

Times are changing… here we go!  I wonder how we’ll fill the space. Got any ideas?




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