15 Years

I’ve been practicing being a mom for 15 years officially today, not counting pregnancy.

I like the word practice, because isn’t that what we’re doing? I’m still learning and I’m probably doing this job perfectly imperfectly. It’s still my favorite job and I never want to retire.

I am proud. I am humble. I am loved. And I am still learning.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years. It feels like he was just born. I feel like other people have big kids. But I’m the one with big kids now, and I absolutely love it, even though I’m fearful and frustrated some times.

Today we celebrated our big baby in several ways. We got up early to decorate the kitchen, as we always do for birthdays.


Charlie helped me wrap all the gifts and blow up all the balloons. Both Juliana and Charlie made handmade, creative cards. Jeff went and retrieved the hidden gift from April’s house for the big surprise this morning, and made a homemade card from both of us . I made our favorite cinnamon coffee cake that made the entire house smell good.


We woke up the birthday boy with bear hugs and enjoyed breakfast and opening presents before the day got busy.

He brought 3 friends with him to celebrate his day. They played video games, went to K1 speed and raced go carts and then went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and milkshakes.


Sounds like a perfect teenager day to me. I’m so glad that he’s made such great friends since we came back from the Netherlands.

I love watching him grow up and see him becoming his own person. He is kind. He is friendly. He is smart. He is funny. He is compassionate. He is athletic. He is handsome. He is fun!

I love you CJ. Happy Birthday!! And many more!!!

Life is good.

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