I Love You?

I recently made a connection between several friends that many don’t say I love you within their family.

It’s just not something that is said and this was so surprising to me.

I am obviously openly expressive and love that there are people that love and express themselves differently than I do.

This absolutely fascinates me. I’ve always appreciated diversity in it’s many forms – race, sex, social status, religion, politics, interests, culture, love, etc.

I strongly feel and believe and say I love you all the time and really mean it. When a few of my friends expressed that their families don’t say that to each other, my jaw dropped. I just never thought of not expressing my emotions. This made me curious and of course I asked questions.

It’s not that those who don’t say I love you don’t love their friends or family, they just don’t use the words.

I learned that to some, saying those words is uncomfortable. Others never heard the words in their family, so it felt strange for them to use them with their family. Some just don’t say it just because they don’t feel like there is a need. And others think that only husbands and wives should say those words to each other.

This love thing is just so symbolic of our differences and ways of communicating, experiencing, believing and expressing ourselves. One is not better than the other. It’s just that we’re different and I really love that!!



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