Summer Food

We went to the produce market to pick out some delicious fruit and Charlie was enamored with this large, double strawberry.

Christian also went shopping with me this afternoon and decided he wanted to learn how to grill and picked out his favorite sausages at Trader Joes.


While we at the produce market, we found some Amish popcorn flavored Carmel seasoning that Juliana decided she wanted to try. We got out the whirly pop that Jeff’s mom gave us years ago and made some tasty dessert.



We had a busy day of summer school, water polo practice and volunteering. And we had fun shopping and cooking and eating together.

What are some of your favorite summer foods and rituals?

Life is good.

One thought on “Summer Food

  1. I love my grand kids because they are so creative,smart, and a joy to be around!!! Look at Charlie’s face, how precious!!!!

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