I lost my tennis match tonight. I’m bummed but I’m ok with that.

I won the first set, lost the second set, and then lost 5-7 in the third full set. We played for more than 3 hours. I was not tired and I was determined to win. I did not want to lose and I fought and tried my best and just couldn’t beat my opponent.

She was good and better than me and undefeated. This made me want to win even more. The wind was crazy tonight and I didn’t do a very good job adjusting my game. I was off. My hard hits went out and then I’d try to hit softer so they would stay in and then I’d hit them into the net. So I decided to try lobbing which usually works for me, but the wind would catch my ball and sail it out of bounds. I made a ton of mistakes and I lost.

And it was still a great game. I loved every minute of the match and loved my opponents he was kind and fair and considerate. My head was overthinking and I made several mistakes and my opponent didn’t. She hit hard and consistently and knew where to place it. I admired her and complimented her and wanted to play like she was.

We exchanged numbers at the end because we want to play again when the wind isn’t so crazy and changing our game. We enjoyed the challenging, friendly, competition and want a rematch. She said tonight’s game was one of the most favorite matches she has ever played. I’ll take that as a compliment.

I lost. She won. And it was still good and rewarding and challenging and fun. I love competition and I love when the match was like tonight, hard and good and challenging, neck and neck, while still being friendly and respectful. We both admired each other and the game and that’s what sports should be about. I am content, even in losing because she deserved to win and had great sportsmanlike conduct. I was not as aggressive as she was and played more defensively and conservatively and she won. Fair and square. Congratulations Suzanne. I hope we can play again and thank you for the challenge.

The other best part of the match before I go to bed, is that Juliana came to watch me, support me and to coach me. She sat outside and braved the cold and endured some female hecklers with grace and kindness. She encouraged me and gave me feedback before my third set. I am so lucky to have a daughter who shares my passion and endured three plus hours of sitting outside in the cold, windy air and watching me lose, while crazy women talked crap about my game to her. She is wise beyond her years and I am so in love with the tween that she is and he woman she is becoming. She teaches me new ways of thinking every day and I just admire her. Thanks for being fabulous you, kiddo.


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