Best Part of Your Day

What was the best part of your day? Was it small or magnificent?

We had such a busy day that required a checklist with times and tasks and people to keep track of all the back to back details.

My favorite part of the day was when I wasn’t busy. I was up early and got to drink coffee out on the patio with Jeff and read together before the mad dash.

I heard parrots flying over head and listened to the sprinklers spraying the grass, while feeling the light mist and warmth of the sunshine on my legs. I loved this unrushed space.


Charlie’s baseball team had it’s closing ceremony and I hosted the team potluck party afterwards. My tennis team had a match afterwards and my doubles team won in two sets, and our entire team won the match.

Juliana and Christian both went to the movies with friends this afternoon, and Jeff grilled out for us for dinner.

Hope you had a relaxing and fun Saturday.

Life is good.

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