Pretty Things


Today I wore this pretty blue dress that received so many compliments.

I put it on because it was hot out today and I just wanted something loose and flowy. I didn’t have anywhere fancy to go, I just wanted to be comfortable and I liked the color, and the story behind it.

My mama bought me this dress just because. She does that sometimes. She likes to go shopping and picks out things she thinks others will like or need. I didn’t ask for a blue dress.

She knew I was getting ready to go on a trip to Cabo and thought that I would look good in it, so just brought it home for me. She picked the color and the size and style and just showed up with it for me one day. I love this about her. How did she know I would like it?

I would never have looked at this dress twice on the shelf, and would have never picked it up nor tried it on. Once I put it on, I loved it! How does she do that?

Thank you my sweet mama for always being so thoughtful and giving. I love you! Thank you for my beautiful new comfy blue dress. You have style, Gorgeous!

One thought on “Pretty Things

  1. And someday you will love doing that for your daughter…..possibly granddaughter …..because you always love your children and because you are always a mom. Even though she doesn’t sit in your lap while you tie her shoes, you will love surprising her.

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