Sporty Family

I love that my family loves sports. I had a singles tennis match this morning and won! Winning is always fun, but I am also just as happy to be playing and improving my own game and compete against myself. The woman I was playing today was sick with a cold too, just like me, so we were both struggling but happy to be out of the house.

Charlie had a baseball game in the warm sunshine and lost by 4 points. I was able to make it to watch for a few innings with Jeff and Juliana before I had to leave for a second tennis match. We won our doubles match in a tie break and I was determined not to lose because I was tired from by previous match. Jeff and Juliana came out to watch and support me and I was thankful they were there.

I love that we all can enjoy our individual sports and enjoy watching each other play. It’s fun to be outside and supporting one another too. Christian was busy studying for finals and couldn’t join us. Maybe studying is a sport too!?!

What sports do you and your family play? Do you enjoy playing or watching or both?

Playing two tennis matches today and walking around in between was equivalent to walking 9.54 miles or 21,495 steps!!


Life is good!!

5 thoughts on “Sporty Family

  1. I’m thinking you pretty well know the answers to your questions with respect to our family. 🙂
    Cross Country for the boys.
    Badminton for the boys and Dad. (I’m the travel coach for the Wilcox team.)
    Martial Arts for the boys. (S. will graduate in June receive his 4th degree BB. P. received his last year.)
    Slow Half Marathoner for myself.
    I think that sums up our whole family. 🙂

    • Lorna – I admire your family and your dedication! You are raising some really nice boys and thank you for being the travel coach. Sports are an awesome way for us all to connect. I love how they also build community, teams, friendships, etc. Thanks for sharing!

  2. When I read this I can only hope my children will also love playing a large range of sports too! What a fun family passion and so good for the body too! P.S. We also have pedometers (fit bits). It is always so fun to see how many steps you can accomplish in a day!

    • It’s a big time commitment and I wouldn’t change it. I love that the kids are outside and moving and learning so much. I started them when they were young in classes at the community center and had them try lots of different things – gymnastics, swimming, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, etc. I think it’s important for them to participate on teams and learn not only a skill, but also the discipline to show up even when you don’t want to, how to win and lose, etc., how to get along with others, to take direction, etc. I love being at their events and seeing the other families too. And the fitbit/pedometer is so much fun right now! I was shocked how much I was moving yesterday, and also some days how much I don’t! :-).

      • Such fun times, if not busy as well! Yes, my daughter will be three in September and I am already looking into soccer and ballet in the fall! I think it is so great to expose to them to so much and then as they grow they can decide for themselves what they would like to pursue more. From sports to the arts to history and science, we live in an age with so much right at our fingertips, I love it!!

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