How often and how much time do you spend procrastinating?

I’ve been sitting at my desk for the past 75 minutes, “thinking” about what I wanted to write tonight.  I wasn’t really thinking at all. I was procrastinating because I didn’t want to think about it. I didn’t want to do the work, for no reason, except I didn’t have one, clear or creative idea. So I looked at Facebook, watched the Kings lose to the Blackhawks, texted with my sister, and avoided my work.  

I do this all the time.  I’m a master procrastinator, getting the work done at the last minute. I work better under pressure. Or at least I tell myself that.  Do you do the same? Just curious.  

And it’s so dumb, because if I just focused my brain for maybe 5 minutes, or set a timer for 15 minutes, I’d probably get the work done right away because I’d want to beat the timer. All these stupid mind games we play with ourselves.  Silly.


I hope you had a good week and are ready to enjoy another weekend.  I enjoyed volunteering at Charlie’s school today, helping out with gold rush days. We all dressed up in cowboy boots, plaid shirts, cowboy hats, and prairie outfits.  The kids panned for gold, made griddle cakes, and shopped in the general store. They were very industrious, excited and cute to watch.







Life is good.

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