The Real Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was fabulous of course – but everyone was home and together, which is fabulous too, but noisy and chaotic and messy. Let’s just keep things real.

We all know the real Mother’s Day is Monday – the day AFTER when everyone goes back to school again, and we’re so thankful for the peace and quiet and lack of clutter and arguments and messes.

My floor was soooo dirty! And the laundry piled up – even though I was the one doing the washing yesterday!

Wasn’t I supposed to have the day off? Hmmm… I kept washing, and today sorted, making piles in baskets for each of the monkeys to fold and put away themselves. They are big enough now to do that on their own. I still choose to fold mine and Jeff’s and all the towels and socks and linens. I actually stayed home for an hour today to clean up a bit, since I am a “stay at home” kinda mom who doesn’t really stay home.  Seriously. 

Today I was busy exercising and burning off all the extra calories I consumed in my celebratory state. And then I spent the day in misery – shopping for a bathing suit. No woman really likes to shop for a bathing suit. It’s depressing.  I went everywhere – trying to find one that looks half way decent.  You’re not going to believe this, but the last place I went, was a walk by, grab and go, without even trying it on WIN!!  I literally had five minutes left of shopping time before picking up Juliana, that I just grabbed it off the rack, went up to the check stand and asked if I could return it if it didn’t fit, if the tags were still on. SInce they said yes, I took my purchase and shoved it in my purse (because they don’t give out bags anymore!) and raced out the door, so I could be 3 minutes late to pick up my daughter. I came home and tried it on with my full dinner belly, and actually didn’t cringe. It looked ok – it’ll do.  And my misery is over. Just like that. 5 minutes. After hours and miles and a gazillion shops and try ons that didn’t work.  Oh, I wish it could be this simple all the time, and next time, before I put in the hours of work.

How was your Real Mother’s Day??  You get me, right?  tee hee hee…. xo

I leave you with this, that I found on Momastery –


“My soul honors your soul.

I honor the space where

Motherhood resides in you.

I honor the love, hard work, frustration and exhaustion within you,

because it is also within me.

In sharing these things, we are one, we belong to each other, and

I hope you survive the day. ” – by Channa B.

Namaste, Sisters!! xo


One thought on “The Real Mother’s Day

  1. Haha, so true! Perhaps someone could give the husbands a memo of not just flowers and chocolate but a house cleaner for at least the next day! 🙂

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