Sometimes the Little Things are the Big Things


Today I have three examples of how the little things mean so much, and yet they seem so trivial but really help to create those connections that make people like each other a little more. I probably have more than 3 things, but these three things come to mind first.

I made dinner tonight while everyone was away, using lots of pans and knives and cutting boards and bowls. I made fried rice and had it ready to go for everyone when they came home at different times and when they were hungry.  I chose to wash all the dishes and pans and such so that they kitchen was clean and no one else had to clean up. This is a big deal in my house. We all work together, and it’s no one’s job to do the dishes or clean up, we just do it, whoever is able and there and has the time, which usually means Jeff or I. Sometimes we just want sandwiches for dinner so there is no clean up, because we’re all busy and tired at the end of the day. Jeff was so happy that there was “no” more work to be done after dinner.  Silly, but true and such a simple way to connect.

The second thing that made Charlie happy was allowing him to stay after practice for 45 minutes longer to practice his catching skills. He wants to be a catcher, but is the youngest kid on his team and the coaches aren’t quite ready for him to be playing catcher in the “big leagues.”  I was thankful to the coaches for giving him more one on one time, and to allow him extra practice time. Charlie was happy that he got to play catcher. I stood outside freezing in my shorts and flip flops, not expecting to stay late, but the little things make life more meaningful. When I told Charlie he got to play for an extra 45 minutes, he was surprised it was that long and was thankful and told me so. More connections and gratefulness.

The last little thing, that is a big thing, is Jeff decided to go pick up the kids from the last event of the evening. I was so cold from standing outside so long (and am still defrosting), that he decided he would go out and do the last pickup, even though I was expecting to do the work. This little gesture was huge to me. He was stuck in traffic forever and had already been in the car for so long, yet he decided to let me stay home and warm up and he went out again.  The little things. I’m so thankful. And that’s BIG!

What little things are BIG to you? Did anyone make your day? Did you make anyone’s day? It’s the little things…

p.s.  Two more little things that made me happy today – Trish and Kimmy both called me in the middle of their busy school schedules. It’s so nice to be loved. And thanks to Jeff who inspired this post tonight! xo

Love this life.



2 thoughts on “Sometimes the Little Things are the Big Things

  1. Yes, those little things are HUGE. What a fine example of how doing something small for someone else might be HUGE for someone else. Thanks again for the great reminder. Love your kind words and transparency. Have a super great day!

    • It’s so weird how you don’t really pay attention to the little things, and then when you stop to reflect on your day, you can see how the little things really make a difference. It goes both ways too… sometimes it’s the little things that set me off and make me angry!! I like it when they lead to good instead. 😉 Thank you for your comment Kris – I love hearing from you.

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