Being in 3 Places at Once

This is my biggest challenge right now, being a mom of three. How can I be at three different events at the same time? And why is May such a busy month?

Today I was thankful for my husband, who chose to go to work early so he could leave a bit early today, to come and support our kids and me. I couldn’t have done it all alone and I was most thankful for him. I was happy that he got to see Juliana win her tennis match in the middle of the day. I was also thankful that he could stay with her and wrapped things up, while I went to watch the middle of Charlie’s baseball game.

CJ texted me from his track meet and was able to finish his work without us. Phew. I’m starting to think that him being able to drive soon will be a big asset to our family.

The best part of my day was just knowing that we all support one another and make things work, despite the work and tension and conflicts that arise. It’s kind of like a dance, where we lead and follow and get into a rhythm together, and for this I’m thankful and am glad our dance is done, at least for the night, almost.

Did you dance today?


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