House Fire

Have you ever experienced a house fire?  My friend just lost her entire house and all its contents in a fire less than two weeks ago.

She would love to talk with someone who has gone through this experience to better understand the journey and process of recovery. If you have gone through this experience, or know of someone who has, would you write to me in the comments field?

This woman lost her husband recently and now has lost her home, and all her physical memories and valuables, including her computers and iPad. I just can’t imagine what that must feel like, yet she is moving forward with dignity and grace and trying to figure out where she will live next.  I admire her strength, despite the hardship and sadness she must be feeling. 

So tonight be thankful for the beautiful space you occupy, wherever that may be and say a little prayer for my friend that she’ll find what she needs and be resting peacefully soon, in a new, fresh space to call her own.Image




3 thoughts on “House Fire

  1. So sorry for her loss. She must be going through a lot. I pray for peace and comfort as she moves on with her life’s journey. Is there a way we can help her?

    • Thank you for reaching out Garima – right now she is looking for housing and working through the details. I’m not sure yet how best to help her, but maybe when she gets a new place, we can help again. xo

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