Happy King’s Day from San Francisco


Today we celebrated the tradition of the Netherlands King’s Day.


Traditionally it was Queen’s day, but now that Holland has a King, they celebrate King’s Day.

It is the most nationalistic holiday celebration I’ve ever experienced and even bigger than the Fourth of July in America.

Everyone celebrates by dressing in orange and the Dutch flag colors, with hats and glasses, necklaces, boas, and clothing. It is so festive and you feel alive being one in the crowd.

In San Francisco, the Dutch community celebrated this national pastime in Golden Gate park. They sold Dutch foods like bitterbollen, strropwaafels, satay, and frikendel sausages.


There was Dutch music and a small kids’ free market.

My favorite part was seeing all the orange and hearing the Dutch words and accents.

I missed being in Holland today to celebrate with friends!

Happy King’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Happy King’s Day from San Francisco

    • It wasn’t the same without you guys! It definitely had a different feel, but it was fun to be out celebrating. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Wish we were there to celebrate with you. xo

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