Power of You


Hmm… doesn’t this stop and make you think?  This is the cover of Juliana’s tennis racquet, sitting on the floor of my car and it made me stop and think.

I’ve read the Power of Who – which talks about the importance of who you know, but what about the Power of You?

What power do you have?  LOTS! I’m sure. I think we should focus on our strengths and what we’re good at and what gifts and talents we possess. So much of the self talk we feed ourselves is filled with negativity and a lot of times we connect with others through our miseries. But what if we change the conversation and focus on our mystical super powers?

I was chatting with some girlfriends today and was realizing their strengths out loud, telling them what I admired about them and why they were my mentors. I know, I’m weird, but that’s just who I am and I’m ok with that. Maybe that’s my super power!! 😉

But really, the conversation made me notice what I really liked about my friends, and that the gifts and talents they possessed, were attributes I admire and desire for myself. They are my role models. I see their powers and they are super women, let me tell you!

Here are 3 examples:

The conversation started with Megan – she’s a doctor, has 4 kids, and is absolutely gorgeous, fit, fun, and fabulous!  She’s super organized, loving, beautiful and funny. Everyone wants to be around her and she’s full of life and energy. These are just a few of the Powers of Megan!

Then there was Val. She’s a saint walking on this planet. She has so much patience and a calm nature. She’s the most giving and unselfish person I know. She can carry a conversation and make anyone feel welcome and she’s always interested in what you have to say. She takes care of everyone and volunteers like crazy, expecting nothing in return. These are just a few of Val’s Super Powers!

I could go on and on, and if you want me to tell you what your Super Powers are, just ask! I have Super Vision! 🙂

The last person with Super Powers that we were talking about today was Kris. She has been my role model for 14 years and is someone I’ve admired and learned from and shared so many experiences. She is always positive, helpful, loving, organized and a super volunteer. She is articulate and kind with her words and gives great, warm hugs.  She helped me to find my way when I moved to Sunnyvale and was the Mom Friend with kids a bit older than mine, who has paved the way, showing me what to expect each step along the way. 

Isn’t this fun? Maybe think of someone you love and tell them what their super powers are, and if you’re brave, list 3 of your own. Watch the smiles form. It’s nice to hear and to know what you’re good at, and there are so many good women in this world! Men too, of course… 😉

One thought on “Power of You

  1. You are so very kind and affirming and always looking at the positive! I wish that I had your energy these days! Just love your blog and all that you are and do for all of us! Worked on my “shredding” today, thanks to your motivation! Thank you for making me feel special once again!

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