Three Words

What are your three favorite words?

This morning I read a quote from Justice Sandra Day O’Connor about her secret to happiness. These words were: 

“Work Worth Doing.”

I thought about this all day and think she’s on to something. 

Happiness comes from feeling like we have a sense of purpose. It means that we are choosing to spend our days doing work, whatever work we choose to do. It means we have a feeling of being industrious and giving. Through our work, we are rewarded. Sometimes financially and sometimes emotionally. When we are working, we feel important and validated. This feeling of needing to be industrious is in our blood and starts when we are little. Any two year old will tell you they can do it by themselves.  They have to work. They have to do what they are capable of doing for themselves and they are good role models for the rest of us.

Being lazy does not create happiness. It may provide respite for a short while, but then it turns sour. We must continue to be productive.

How did you work today? Did you feel happy, even though you might feel tired too?

I worked today to organize and host a luncheon for one of my tennis teams. I felt happy when it all came together and was thankful for all the wonderful women that I know. I love women. I love learning from each other and I love how we collaborate. I love that I did the work to be prepared and that the tables looked festive, the food was delicious and that I had a team of women to help me and share the lunch we created.

I worked today to be a chauffeur. I drove all over town between schools and park fields and home.  I am happy that I am able to be a stay at home mom, providing these services for our kids, as my husband goes to an office every day to provide for us too. We are both working and supporting each other and our family and it works for us.

I worked today to be a spectator, supporting Charlie at his game, while freezing outside.  I was happy that I could be there in the stands, doing my “job.”

I worked today at making healthy food choices. This too takes work and is a struggle some days!  I love to eat and savor every bite, and it takes work to control portions and choices. 

Work comes in many different forms, but when we do the work, we usually feel good, although tired too sometimes. I think the point is we must continue to be industrious and being industrious takes many different forms and is different for everyone.  We need to continue to be productive to be happy.

What kind of work creates happiness for you?

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