I Am Her, and She Is Me


Yesterday I wrote about my mama and how we’re both growing up, which is a nicer way than saying we’re aging. When I wrote about her, it made me cry, just feeling and realizing that we are aging and changing which is totally normal. I was just totally aware of it at that moment and it made me really miss her.

Today I drove with the kids 6 hours to come see her, and my dad and the rest of the family of course. We all just wanted to be together and since we have a few free days for spring break, we get to play with our cousins, Aunts, friends and grand parents. I am happy that we don’t have any real plans but to just be together for a few days.

Life is good and I’m excited to feel the days unfold.

Cousins make for the best of friends.

4 thoughts on “I Am Her, and She Is Me

  1. I hope you frame the picture of u & your Mom as it is a great one. Say hi to her from me if you’re still down there-I’m not keeping up with my messages. Hope to see u soon. Pat

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