My Beautiful Mama

I was sitting in the car waiting for Charlie’s drum lesson to begin, when I caught a glance of my Mama.

I was sitting in the passenger seat, just relaxing for a few minutes, since we arrived quite early and I was staring off when I saw her. I saw her as I envision how she looks in my mind, when I was a little girl, and she was busy taking care of me and my siblings. It’s like time stood still and I had taken her place, as she “graduated.”

My Mama is now an Oma and I am the middle aged Mama taking her kids to their lessons. I still see her as she was in her 40s but she tells me that she doesn’t like close up pictures because she’s older now. I don’t see the wrinkles or age and still think she’s beautiful. I still see her as my Mama, and me as her little girl. But I see the wrinkles on my face in the mirror, so time must be passing. I feel like I’m still 24, but the mirror tells me otherwise and I understand what she means now.

I went to take a picture of her (me) in the mirror, but didn’t have my lipstick on, as she would. So I quickly snuck some on to recapture the image before taking a snapshot in time, with my little one photo bombing us in the background.


I love you my beautiful Mama!! Can’t wait to see you again.


3 thoughts on “My Beautiful Mama

  1. It is so rewarding when you read how much your child loves you, and that she remembers you with fondness as she was growing up. I thank you Adriana for loving and respecting me . It is the greatest gift you could ever give me! Love you angel, I cannot wait to see you tomorrow! Have a safe trip!

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