California Staycation – Day 2

Today was an almost perfect day for me, despite waking up with a headache.

Jeff made me coffee and we sat and read the paper together. I love the simple routines.

I had a USTA tennis match this afternoon, so I couldn’t join the family on their afternoon outing to the San Francisco Giants game. They left by 10 am, which gave me several hours alone at home before my match. Having quiet time without any responsibilities was awesome! It did feel funny to be home alone when I felt like I should be with my family. But this didn’t make me worry too long.

I sat and read my book for an hour and then did some work around the house before heading out. It was so peaceful to not be in a rush and to have very few interruptions. This was a luxury to me because I knew everyone was happy and taken care of so I could relax and be happy too.

The kids and Jeff had a fabulous time and I won my singles match, which made me very happy.


I absolutely love playing tennis. I love the mental part of the game, being outside in the sunshine and working hard, applying what I learn and trying to not over think every move.

When we all came back together, we shared stories and BBQed together.

Today was wonderful! Life is good.

How was your day? What did you do?

This the cove near the ballpark in San Francisco. Isn’t it gorgeous?

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