Family Sunday

Oh the weather was beautiful today! The sky was so blue and looked unreal. The kids were all playing catch in the yard and were happy to just be home, without having to rush out the door.


When they saw me sitting on the ground watching them play, they came and climbed on my lap. I loved that!

I got to play some social tennis for a few hours in the afternoon and the temperature was 84 degrees! I was wishing I was at the beach with my paddle board, but still had a good time, even though it was pretty hot.

Jeff was home most of the day as he was smoking a brisket that took 9 hours to cook on the Traeger. Oh my gosh, our yard smelled so good all day.

Charlie had double baseball practices and Christian went with him to help out at the first practice and Jeff took him to the batting cages later in the day.

April and Steve joined us for a late family dinner. We laughed so hard playing Telephone around the table. I was so glad they were here to share the evening together.


As we were cleaning up, I checked Facebook and saw someone mention that the planets were clearly visible tonight. We saw Jupiter next to the moon and Mars behind us. Such a great day!

I am enjoying these days with the kids and Jeff and friends and staying close to home. Even though we are still busy, there are more moments of down time with not as much planned and I’m loving how we’re just flowing with what comes our way. Life is good.

Hope you had a good day! xo

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