I Want You to Be Happy.

While we’re busy living and doing all this stuff, let’s not forget our own souls. We are the caretakers of our communities and we have to be strong ourselves in order to keep on giving and loving and nurturing all those in our care.  I write daily to share my journey and continually changing pursuit of happiness so that just maybe we’ll connect and share ideas and inspire one another. Maybe one post or idea will make you laugh or smile or feel happy and that’s good enough for me.

I was inspired today by this blog post from Glennon over at Momastery.  Click here to read: Glennon’s blog link.

Even though it has a Christian spin on it, it still relates to all souls.  We need to find our joy and dance, just because we can and our joy fills our kids with joy.  They want us to be happy more than anything else.  And sometimes we forget that while we’re trying to do it all.

Carve out time for you, even if you have to hide in the bathroom for five minutes or sneak away to a fun store when you’re “supposed” to be grocery shopping.

Today I found joy by walking with Elizabeth and her baby before the rain came. The dishes and laundry waited. And we got 2000+ more steps in and quality girl time to chat and catch up.


Look at this pretty plant we found on our walk. I’ve never seen anything like it. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I found joy by saying yes to lunch with Kelly, as we have been trying to get together and to be spontaneous and today was the day. My girlfriends make life sweeter.


The papers and piles waited too, and they didn’t make me grumpy.

I smiled and felt joy watching Charlie at his drum lesson today and was so thankful the teacher was patient and kind and good at his job. His first lesson was: Be respectful. The second lesson was: Play bold. Make big mistakes. And the rest of the lesson just flowed too. I only wished I had sticks in my hand too.


I laughed with Juliana at the table before we headed out for our 5th round trip today, running to and from here and there. We laughed so hard, just being silly in between making dinner and finally getting the house back in order.

The laundry got done. The dishes got done. And joy was discovered despite it all. Ha!

How did you get up and dance today? What did you eat? Did you share a meal with someone? Be. Happy.

Live it up. Laugh out loud. Love yourself.



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