Does Your Mind Ever Get in the Way?


Isn’t this a good question? Made you think, huh?  

My mind never shuts off, but I try to ignore it (sometimes) when I can.  My favorite times are when I get lost in laughter and am not thinking about how to solve problems or to coordinate schedules. Some of the ways I turn my mind off are playing cards and mindless games, where you don’t have to really think and the games start and end quickly. Tennis isn’t a mindless game, so that doesn’t really count, and I must admit my mind does wander on the tennis court when I’m supposed to be strategizing and planning and being focused.  Maybe I could mix some yoga into my tennis – like the breathing part to stay focused. Do you think that would work?

Speaking of yoga, yoga is the other place I can turn my mind off after a few minutes of practice. I love vinyasa/ flow yoga that keeps my body moving and my breathe flowing with my movements. When I’m in the groove, and I focus on my breathing, I can turn my mind off and find inner peace too.  Does this work for you?  I never leave a practice wishing I wasn’t there or wishing I was someplace else and I leave feeling good.  

Today in yoga class I was able to hold an arm balance move that I’ve been trying to nail for weeks. I was so excited because I’ve been so close and not able to do until today. It’s the little things that bring joy. I wouldn’t say I’m good at it yet, but I did balance on my hands and held the position for a few seconds, longer than I have before and it made me really happy and wanting to try it again.

The third place that I love is the beach. I love the vastness of the ocean, the crashing and ebbing and flowing of the waves, the sunshine, and water and just being there. I haven’t taken my paddle board out since I’ve returned to California, but this is another way I like to turn my mind off.

Yesterday I was feeling stressed and my mind wouldn’t shut off. Typically I am happy, but some days my mind tends to stay in that negative space longer than I would like or feel is reasonable and it agitates me.  I want to have an arsenal of ideas and strategies to use when I start to feel down and I so I’m creating a list. Yesterday, I decided to hop on the StairMaster and sweat it out. That worked!  I was much happier and cleared my mind by focusing on climbing 4 miles!

I have a running To DO list on my phone, and at the top of my list I’ve listed seven reminders and thoughts that are important to me to consider before I start actually doing anything. I’m hoping this list helps me to prioritize my thoughts and keep my mind focused on my personal priorities. But first, I have to remember to even look at it! That would help.  I’ll let you know if it works. What would be on your list? 

That’s enough to think about for one night. It’s time to rest.  And as I was writing this, an alert popped up wishing me a happy 2nd anniversary. I’ve been blogging daily for 2 years today! Thanks for sharing the journey – I’m glad you’re here with me.  😉

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