Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Charlie was so happy today, he was bouncing off the walls. While I was tired and not quite prepared for the Leprechaun’s arrival, he sure was. He set the trap and was sure to remind me multiple times that he was hoping to catch him last night. 

He set a pretty mean trap, but the sneaky little devil got away after creating such havoc in our house.

Charlie kept singing and dancing all day and never took his hat, mustache or chops off all day. I love his joy for the holidays and he inspires me.  We should all share in his joy and have something to learn from him.  I had to go into the attic this morning to bring down our limited St. Patrick’s Day decorations. He asked for green shamrock pancakes too, and I couldn’t resist. I love a kid with spirit! We had shamrock raviolis for dinner too!  Life is good and especially green today.

Hope you were kissed by the Irish and that good luck follows you wherever you go!



Green shamrock pancakes.

Shamrock raviolis for the kids.

Corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, onions and carrots in the crock pot.

Life is beautiful! Live it up.

2 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. I love how you go all out for any Holiday to make Charlie’s fantasies come true!!! I get such a kick from this little man!!! He surely loves to have fun, and knows how to create it!

    • He keeps us young and thinking like a kid! I love him for that. He is so full of life and spirit and makes us slow down. The other day we were getting ready for school and I was going to finish the dishes and he declared it was snuggle time. I had to stop what I was doing so that we could snuggle on the couch before he left for the day. How cute is that? I am so lucky!

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