Spring Tea Party

Today was a beautiful day.

Jeff helped me get the kids ready and out the door so I could finish preparing the house for guests. He helped me move the table and chairs and then I was ready for the finishing touches. I love when the house is decluttered and organized and beautiful.

I love for the house to feel warm and cozy. I lit candles and baked everyone’s favorite cinnamon coffee cake so the whole house would smell inviting.

If you want the recipe, here it is:


I know, so fancy and formal, right? I like to keep things simple and delicious!

Marcia brought over beautiful, bright yellow tulips and I got to bring out my new Delft blue vase that Jeff bought me before we moved. I absolutely adore this.

Thank you Marcia for the gorgeous flowers and for thinking of me!! I love tulips.

Everyone brought something to share and Elizabeth brought her little ones who made everyone smile. I love babies! We all had a great morning chatting and just being together.

Can’t wait to do this again next year!

Dutch themed party today made me feel connected to my warm and loving Dutch friends. Miss you still girls!! Life is good!

8 thoughts on “Spring Tea Party

  1. So beautiful, Adriana. Your friends are so fortunate to be able to come and sit at your lovely Dutch tea taffel and enjoy the company of each other. Reminds of days I would come visit your mama in T.O. and her friends would come by and we’d all sit at the kitchen table enjoying coffee and her baked goodies.

    Dean and I leave for Florida next Tuesday and will be visiting his family and also playing a few rounds of golf during our trip. When I get back I want to calendar the infamous Juliana and Aunt Louise date so I’ll call you when I get back. I would love to make it a date before May so I can bring AJ along to visit with Christian.

    Love you.

    Aunt Louise aka Weezer

    • Have a great trip Aunt Louise! Let’s definitely schedule something when you come back from Florida – we’ll bake and have coffee together, like my mama! Heck, let’s invite her too! xoxo

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