40 Bags in 40 Days

Lent began this month, which is the 40 day countdown until Easter arrives. Typically Christians will give up something, practice kindnesses or practice mindfulness in different ways. It’s a time to slow down and reflect on our lives and to be aware of the sacrifices that Jesus made.  When we act in this way, it helps us to connect to our Christian faith and to live out our values. I am sure this is typical to other religions that encourages followers to spend time being mindful or fasting and being present to honor their faith.

I’ve chosen to follow along the 40 bags in 40 days idea that someone shared, which so nicely coincided with Lent. Basically I am trying to fill a bag everyday of stuff and clutter that we don’t need and to create space. Typically I don’t want to take the time to declutter because it takes time and can be overwhelming. However, while I’m being mindful and looking for a way to organize my house and to create decluttered space, this challenge is just right for me and is something I am enjoying doing everyday.  

Today I worked in the kids’ bathroom and emptied out all the empty or nearly empty bottles and cleaned up their space. It looks so much nicer now and actually makes me happy when I walk into their space. Clutter makes me crazy, but I’m also lazy so sometimes I just look over and around it, when in reality, I think it took me 10 minutes to finish this little project.

Last week I emptied out our silverware drawer that collects everything imaginable from straws to plastic spoons and knives and disposable chopsticks to a gazillion serving spoons and forks that I don’t need. I spent 15 minutes emptying it out and repurposing it and now every day when I open the organized drawer and can find what I need without the chaos of moving 25 other pieces, I smile. I’ve created space and I love the new look and will not be embarassed when a friend opens the drawer.

I’m liking this project and am thankful that I’m taking the time each day to declutter. There are lists you can create to help manage this project, but for me, I’m just flowing through the house and working through where the need arises each day.  I have a couple ideas for tomorrow and the next day.

Want to join along?  Here is a link to the challenge:  





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