California Sunshine

Today Cami and Corby posted that the sun was shining in Amsterdam and everyone was out enjoying the nice weather in March. Because the sun doesn’t shine as often as most would like, when it does shine, it’s a big deal and people don’t want to miss it. They want to be outside and enjoy the gift while it lasts. There is a scarcity to the sunshine and thus the value seems much higher or maybe more appreciated to those in Amsterdam than to those in California where the sun shines almost daily.

Having lived in Holland, I now really appreciate the sunshine we receive and I’m grateful. For example, this morning I went outside at 7am to get the newspaper and the sun was rising. I took a moment to feel it’s warmth on my face and stretched before heading back inside.

Jeff and I went for a walk around the block, with our 2nd cup of coffee after Charlie’s basketball game, and enjoyed the sunshine again before heading back indoors. I noticed the tulips blooming in the neighbors yard and smelled the blossoms on the trees.

Spring is in the air.


In fact, tonight is daylight savings and we spring the clocks forward to gain an extra hour of sunlight. I am ecstatic! I love the long days of spring and summer and feel so much happier in the light. I don’t mind losing an hour of sleep and look forward to the longer, warmer days.

Life is good!

California girl in her flip flops on her Dutch bike after riding home from Starbucks.

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