Family and Friends

Today was my favorite kind of day. We were busy working, playing, celebrating, barbecuing, and just being together.

We had birthday parties and sporting events and even an art celebration.

The kids were outside shooting hoops and rollerblading after the rain passed and between events. Everyone had something to do and it just flowed, even with the rain. I loved it, especially seeing a rainbow in the sky on my way to pick up Juliana. My tennis match was cancelled but a couple of us were able to play once the courts dried up later in the day.

Jeff wanted to make a beef brisket on the smoker and we got up early to start the 9 hour process. He tended to the cooking all day, making the marinade, rub, and mop sauce and monitoring the temperature and cooking and cooling times. I went to the store to gather all the ingredients to prepare appetizers and side dishes and we were able to make a delicious meal.

Our friends came over after all the daily events and joined us for a relaxing and casual dinner and dessert. We loved the conversation and time together.

I am happy to be home.

How was your day? I hope it was good!


4 thoughts on “Family and Friends

  1. I had a wonderful day celebrating Margaret’s 73 birthday. I took her and Tinneke to Ventura Harbor for lunch and drinks at the beach. It was great! Later in the evening we went to my house for dinner and birthday cake. it turned out to be a great celebration!!!

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