Rain = Productivity

The much needed rain finally came today and even though I was hoping it would arrive after 10 a.m., I heard the pitter patter on the skylight as I was waking up. My tennis practice was cancelled and I got to work, which actually made me happy too. I always love bring productive and getting things done.

I tend to exercise every morning and then run errands, prepare dinner, and keep the household chores under control. I usually don’t get to the bigger projects, so today with the gift of added back time, I decided to sort through the piles of papers and laundry and clutter filled baskets. Isn’t it crazy how stuff just piles up? So much for a paperless society. I don’t see that happening any time soon. I felt good about at least knowing what and where everything was and to sort and file all the papers so that they are more meaningful.

I finally called a friend I’ve been meaning to catch up with for over 6 months, and hung up our Dutch birthday calendar in our bathroom.

The laundry is all done, the floors got washed and the sink was emptied too! The junk drawers in the kitchen were reorganized too. Man, you can get a lot done when you stay focused, off Facebook, and stay home!

I think I like the rain. How about you? Does the rain change your plans? Do you like it?

Hmmm… Hope you had a good day.

Be well.

2 thoughts on “Rain = Productivity

  1. I like the rain as I know how much we need it. Today I plan on doing some decluttering-not an easy job for me.

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