Cirque Du Soleil


Today was the last day of our winter break and we decided to surprise the kids by taking them to see their first Cirque Du Soleil performance. We have taken them to the regular circus before and they loved it, and we were hoping they would love this experience too.

Since the kids and I had sporting games and practices and Jeff had to work, we couldn’t take a traditional vacation. We broke up the week with special outings and down time and I think we had the best of both worlds. The kids love being home now. I think we wore them out last year traveling from place to place.

I tried to keep some excitement and anticipation in the air. I told them I had a surprise for them this afternoon. This seemed to drive them crazy, because they kept asking me where we were going. I was able to keep the secret all the way until we parked and Juliana saw a sign signifying Cirque parking was available. I’m not sure they knew what to expect.

The show was absolutely fabulous and breathtaking and entertaining. We all enjoyed every minute and had different acts we each preferred the most. My favorite was when Miranda was balancing on one hand above the giant water filled human fish bowl. Seeing her dive in and swim around the bowl was very different too. I loved every minute.

We all enjoyed the show and sharing the experience together. I loved seeing their reactions and was happy that we were able to share it together.

Life is good,



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