Musical Surprise

I am not musically gifted and so when I meet people who are, I have a deep admiration for their gifts and talents and that they choose to share them with others.

We were at a party tonight, hanging out in the kitchen of course, because isn’t that where everyone hangs out at a party, when all of a sudden we realized what we were hearing. The beautiful sound of a harp was filling the air, as it drifted from the softly lit front of the house. We all hurried out to see and hear the impromptu performance.

What a gift we received! Who knew that we would get to hear such incredible talent. He asked if we wanted to hear more and the sound of our applause gave him his answer.

Afterwards, I was curiously asking questions and learned that our friend had developed interest in the harp when he was 3 years old. He received the nearly 100 year old harp he was playing when he was ten years old and his mother knew he was seriously passionate about his instrument. I wanted to hear all his stories and to see the pictures on the walls, as he shared his journey with us. I love that his mother listened and supported him.

Thank you for sharing your passion and gifts with your guests!! What a cool evening!


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