Mother’s Work

One of my working mom friend’s went on strike this week. She’s sharing her story on Facebook and posting pictures of the dishes piled in the sink, the trash piling up and miscellaneous clutter surrounding her house. She is brave. She’s not cooking or cleaning or driving or nagging, and she’s taking care of only herself. I’m loving her story. She loves her family and she’s choosing the tough love approach to learning as her generosity has been going unnoticed. I get her. I feel her pain. And I appreciate that she’s choosing this challenging approach to teaching her kids responsibility.  It’s actually harder to do than cleaning up after them all the time. I can’t stand when my house goes crazy!  It would drive me nuts to go on strike, yet I appreciate her stance and am enjoying her journey.

I am also struggling and learning how to teach responsibility and discipline. I want help and I don’t want to ask and nag all the time. I want them to want to help out and pitch in, yet I think their natural tendency is avoidance. I think they have lots of reasons why they shouldn’t help out and fighting against this, is like fighting an uphill battle.  I like hills. I can feel the burn and I know that this is a long journey and it will take awhile, but we will be stronger and more fit from doing the hard work. I’m in it for the long haul. And I’m going to keep teaching and keep expecting responsibility, discipline, kindness, team work and love. I will never give up. 

I’m choosing to fight. I’m choosing to teach. I’m choosing to stand up and hold them accountable. I’m managing their work and I’m teaching them how to respond kindly and politely. I will be patient and I will wait for compliance, despite the conflict and uprising. This is what love looks and feels like. I am stronger than the Resistance Movement.

We’ll all be a better team because of it!  Go team.

And mamas – you are not alone!  This parenting thing is hard work and so worth it!!  Keep up the good fight.  

Life is good (and challenging sometimes!)

Have a great week! xo

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