My New Jewelry Box

20140204-224604.jpgCharlie helped me to build my new jewelry box.  

I have collected an awesome collection from Stella & Dot over the past three years and wanted a place to store my collection.  I read about this ALEX chest of drawers from IKEA from another Stylist on our private message boards that worked well with our display trays.

Charlie and I worked for two afternoons putting together my new treasure box.  I gave him his very own tools as his early Valentine's Day Present and he was thrilled. He mentioned how long it was taking us to finish our project.   I was able to throw in some life lessons as we worked side by side. We had 6 drawers to build and it first it was a bit challenging. As we worked on, we got into a rhythm and were able to figure out the process, decreasing the time it took to complete each step. 

I loved having him work with me and teaching him that sometimes work is easier with a partner. We also learned that at the beginning, things are harder to accomplish because we haven’t don’t the work before.

And as we repeat the steps, life gets easier as we learn and understand how things work.  As I was finishing one drawer, he was on to building the next. He was so industrious and focused and had so much fun building with me. He is learning that things take time and that as you practice, things get easier.

Life is Good!


One thought on “My New Jewelry Box

  1. Charlie is such a sweet soul. He is a learner and loves a challenge. The box you put together for your jewelry is also the same box I keep some of my unfinished artwork in. I love that we can find something,and use our imagination to turn it into what will help make our life easier and more complete.

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