Ten Little Things

Sometimes when you’re feeling a little down, you’ve got to look at what’s good instead of feeling sorry for yourself. I’m in one of those transitioning life moments and instead of feeling bad about it, I want to discover ways to keep moving forward and how to quickly get out of my funk, focusing on gratitude.

So I’m going to share what was good today. I’m already smiling just thinking this way.

1. I got to play tennis twice today. I felt like I was at summer camp where you get to play all day.
2. I was thankful to be playing tennis at rush hour and not in a car stuck in traffic.
3. I have a great community of friends that support one another and I’m thankful that Ling gave my kids a ride tonight.
4. My little one wrapped his arms around my neck and told me I was the best mom ever.
5. The sunshine was so warm today and made my skin feel hot. I loved that!
6. I got to FaceTime with my niece and hear her cute little laugh and watch her brush her teeth and feel like I was part of her night time routine.
7. My kids were playing basketball together and I got to watch.
8. In the carpool ride home from school with 5 high school kids, one of the boys sincerely asked me how my day was. There is hope for humanity!
9. I made breakfast for dinner and everyone loved it.
10. I had two hours of quiet time while the kids were at school to catch up on emails and paperwork.

That felt so good! If you’re feeling funky, stop and make a little gratitude list. It’ll make you feel so much better and maybe a small smile will sneak out too.

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