Not Busy

When you’re not busy, the days are long and there is time to do everything and nothing.

Today I was not busy. It’s very challenging for me to not have anything to do. Believe me, I really will never have nothing to do, but I didn’t have anything I had to do. No pressure. No deadline. No one needing me. And I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. Not having a plan gives me anxiety.  How about for you?  

Football was on all day today, so the boys were occupied. I’m still fighting a cold, so going to the beach or shopping or getting out of the house wasn’t all that desirable to me.  I decided to stay home and to just be home. I have a perpetual to do list, but I didn’t really feel like following a list. My problem in staying home is I tend to cook and clean. Not that that is a problem, but I don’t usually sit still and read or pick one or two projects to work on. 

I need to practice being still, and being ok just staying home with “nothing” to do and enjoy the process of letting things unfold naturally. Life is a continuous practice, of this or that, isn’t it?

We went to church this morning and spent an hour afterwards working together in honor of Martin Luther King Day tomorrow and being of service. We came home and I cooked pork carnitas in the crock pot, prepared lunch and appetizers for the family, worked on uploading and organizing 2000+ photos, and watched football with my boys, and snuck away to watch some of the Australian Open.  After the games were over, we all went for a walk together around the block to get a little exercise and fresh air. The day wasn’t fancy or all that exciting, but it just was. It’s probably what Sundays should look like. A day of rest. I’m working on being ok with being not busy (aka “bored”) and fighting the anxiety that makes me feel like I should be doing more. It’s ok to not be busy, and I’m going to keep on practicing, just being.  Wish me luck.

How was your day?  Can you sit still and do “nothing”?


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