How often do you laugh so hard that your sides hurt, your checks hurt and you start to cry? I was laughing that hard tonight, partially because of something funny but also because I was over tired and stressed and needed a good laugh. Because I was laughing so hard, everyone else was too and that made me laugh even harder. I love that feeling!

This picture is from me laughing last night and being silly with a bunch of girlfriends playing Bunco.

I won the Bunco Boa and did my happy dance and wrapped it around my head because it was itchy. There were feathers everywhere and I was still itching and coughing this morning from them, bringing back all the fun memories from last night. I think I was allergic to it.

Bunco is a mindless dice game that is played with 12 people that has you rolling and moving and drinking and chatting and playing with friends for a couple of hours. It’s a perfect stress relief and a great form of entertainment.

Life is good! Live. Love. Laugh. Repeat.

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