How to Be Happy

Time and INC. Magazine states that there are ten scientifically proven ways to be incredibly happy and I believe them!.

You can read the article here:


The highlights, and I’ll be quick because I have to get to sleep (to be happy and healthy) are:

1. Exercise – 7 minutes could be enough! I wish you enough.

2. Sleep more. Working on it!!

3. Spend more time with friends and family. Money can’t but happiness.
Want to play?

4. Get outside more. 57 degrees is the magical temp.
I love California! Maybe because the weather adds to my happiness.

5. Help others. 2 hours per week or a 100 hours per year is the magical number.
Are you giving 2 hours per week?
What are you doing to give? I’m so curious!!
Does giving to your family count? Probably not, right?

6. Practice smiling.
Are you smiling now? You sure are cute! Fake it ’til you make it.

7. Plan a trip. Just the planning and visualization helps to create happiness.
Where do you want to go?
I want to go to Cabo and Hawaii with friends and family and smile and exercise and sleep and help rub suntan lotion on everyone.
Does that count as service?

8. Meditate. Focus and find clarity.
Be deliberate and know your intentions. Stop wasting time on Facebook and do something.

9. Move closer to work.
Interesting, huh? Makes sense. Who is happy with a long commute and traffic both ways?

10. Practice gratitude.
Thank you for reading and learning and sharing with me.

I am so happy now, and I bet you are too. Wasn’t that easy?

Good night!!


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