Moving Forward

Finally I could stand up and walk around today and feel more normal again. Thank God! I still took it easy, but I am moving on. Phew. I’m ready to be done being sick, but I’m not out of the woods yet. I’m still concerned about my chest congestion and plan to rest and relax again tomorrow. We took a walk around the block tonight to get some fresh air and it tired me out. Isn’t it crazy how we don’t think about our health that much until something goes wrong?

Being sick really makes you present. You’re fully aware of what you’re doing and feeling and experiencing. That’s kinda weird too.

Once I started coming out of my cocoon and my voice became a bit stronger, I started back at work: facilitating, guiding, coaching, cleaning, planning, loving, and delegating, mostly from the couch. I think my family might prefer when I’m on “vacation”. I realize that’s what I do. I think I’m kinda like a metronome, setting the pace for our family and moving us forward as a team. Do you feel like a metronome too? Just what you always aspired to be, right? A mama metronome. Ha!

Darkness through the trees on our night walk.

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