I bought a Zen calendar that sits on my desk with daily quotes.  I thought it might be fun to share them here on the days when life is just normal and when I don’t have as much to write about. Another thought is to think of the quote of the day and connect it with the daily happenings. I hope you enjoy them and reflect and connect them to your own experience.

Today is January 3, 2014.  It would have been my Grandma’s birthday today and it is my cousin’s baby’s birthday. Happy birthday, Rylie Bear.  We enjoyed being back home from our journey and getting resettled again.  I got to the gym this morning and Jeff went back to work. We did loads of laundry and received a furniture delivery today to redo our living room and to create a more organized space. I’m very excited about this. I also got to get outside and practice my tennis with some friends, which always makes me happy. It was a good game in the sunshine and the younger kids came with me and played with their friends, while I played with mine. Life is good.

“The practice of Zen is not limited to the meditation mat. The practice of zen is our entire life and is the very thread that binds our different lives together. Discovering this truth is called awakening, and it can take a circuitous route.”

– Janet Jiryu Abels (a Zen teacher)

Zen is a form of enlightenment. It is a meditative state.  One way to think of zen is as a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It’s a way of accepting reality just as it is and being present in the moment.

I enjoyed today – getting some exercise again, eating a bit more healthfully and getting resettled after all of our travels.  I hope you had a good day too and enjoy the weekend.  



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