Where do you find joy?

I find it everyday in many places and seek it out and celebrate it out loud. My daughter thinks I’m crazy. I think I’m just joyful.

I wish you joy every day in little and big ways, by yourself, with friends, at work, at play and with your family. I wish you enough. How did you experience joy today?

My joy came from finishing wrapping all our gifts.

It came watching my mom and Charlie play war together.


It came again when working out and taking the bakfiets out for a ride to the park to check on the boys. I felt joyful that the sun was shining and I was wearing a tank top in December.

I felt joy preparing gifts and food to share at a party tonight with friends.

I love this life right now and am still thankful for all the joy that surrounds me and you.

Get your joy on!


3 More Days until Christmas

I love Christmas. I felt anxiety at the beginning of the week but decided to let that go right away. It wasn’t easy, but was worth it.

Tonight we had an early Christmas dinner with our friends any my parents. Everyone worked together and it was a fabulous day.

The boys watched football, the kids played outside, the turkey cooked on the smoker for several hours while Mom and I played cards. It doesn’t get much better than that. Juliana baked a pecan pie that we enjoyed with homemade cookies and pumpkin pie for dessert before opening presents together.



Life is good. Wishing you joy and peace and love. Merry Christmas!

Behind the Scenes


Do you ever really think about all that happens behind the scenes? Like getting ready for Christmas? Preparing for finals or a a big presentation? Lots of work goes on to get things just right and ready.

Tonight I got to help out back stage during Juliana’s play. It was such a different perspective and I enjoyed watching the kids going on and off stage and into the green room. I liked seeing them transforming from one character to the next and I loved listening to them whisper to each other behind the scenes. This perspective helped me to appreciate how much work goes into creating a production.

Behind the scenes and waiting in the shadows.

Seeing things from behind.


Costume changes.

The End. Closed Curtain. Success!

Christmas Anxiety

I get anxiety whenever I have too many different things to do. I have trouble prioritizing and balancing all the additional to do’s, especially when I want to stay present and not be stressed by all the activity that is swirling around me.

The stress still creeps in.

My husband tells me I should cancel everything.

My mother thinks anti-depressants might be a good idea.

I think playing tennis outside in the middle of the afternoon is the best solution. Check out the sky tonight!! Just gorgeous, and a perfect remedy!


Life is good.

I love Christmas and the rushing swirl.

I wish you enough. xo