Christmas Anxiety

I get anxiety whenever I have too many different things to do. I have trouble prioritizing and balancing all the additional to do’s, especially when I want to stay present and not be stressed by all the activity that is swirling around me.

The stress still creeps in.

My husband tells me I should cancel everything.

My mother thinks anti-depressants might be a good idea.

I think playing tennis outside in the middle of the afternoon is the best solution. Check out the sky tonight!! Just gorgeous, and a perfect remedy!


Life is good.

I love Christmas and the rushing swirl.

I wish you enough. xo

4 thoughts on “Christmas Anxiety

    • Absolutely agree! It’s normal to feel anxiety because we care and want to do a good job. There are several more layers of excitement and goodness added to our already busy lives. Once I make a list and map out what to do when, the anxiety dissipates somewhat. And taking time to play and exercise always makes me feel better. And everything that needs to be done, gets done. The worry just gets in the way. 🙂

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