Christmas Spirit

Today we enjoyed preparing for Christmas in several ways.

Juliana and Charlie baked sugar cookies, while I sorted and prepared gifts for shipping on Monday.

Afterwards, Jeff took Juliana shopping for secret Santa presents and got a haircut. I’m sure they enjoyed their father daughter time alone.

We all met up again to enjoy watching Chuck Hunter sing and perform with the Voices in Harmony chorus at the San Jose City College Theater. Chuck has been singing for 40+ years and today we finally got the chance to enjoy his gifts and talents. Thank you, Chuck for inviting us to your show. We enjoyed seeing you.



We came home again to wrap the secret Santa gifts and to prepare an appetizer and dessert for the two big kids to take to a party. We dropped them off and then Jeff and I went with Charlie to explore the German Community Christmas Market in Mountain View. It was a lot warmer than the one we visited in Dusseldorf last year, but definitely not quite as authentic and we missed Ben being with us. We ran into friends, which made it fun, but the crowds made it challenging to navigate and Jeff’s favorite Brats were sold out.



Instead, we strolled down Castro street, and ended up trying a new Indian restaurant that was pretty good, since the Steins Beer Garden place we wanted to visit was crowded and had a half hour wait.

Charlie wanted to go driving around town, looking at Christmas lights, so that’s how we ended the evening, with me falling asleep in the car!!

Sweet dreams, and to all, a good night!

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