everyday life


it doesn’t have to be complicated.

i choose to share my everyday life to share a story of one person practicing living in the moment, perfectly imperfectly, and doing my best.

i don’t always get it right, but the beauty is… there is always just another moment beginning to start and try again. there is hope. for us all. always. and if we don’t like what we’ve done or what we’re doing, we can change. for real.

i laugh at myself. i tell my kids when i mess up. i thank them for teaching me every day, because i still don’t have this life thing and parenting tweens thing all figured out. don’t you wish life came with a manual?


Today’s joy was delivered in several ways.

I exercised and felt alive and felt muscles that are building, thanks to Lysia and her TRX training. Thank you.

I sat quietly and had my nails done, because I’m practicing discipline this week. I am a nail biter, and have been since I was 5 years old. I am practicing discipline this one way, and enjoying the sweet rewards of being pampered and practicing sitting still, which is hard for me.

I am also practicing discipline by doing Weight Watchers. I love to eat and drink and be merry. A little too much. So last week I decided to practice discipline this way too. I have to say, I am enjoying living a less gluttonous life style.

The real joy came from being with my kids today and not being too busy.

Charlie had friends over to do homework and they were pretending to be Santa Claus and the North Pole.

Charlie was Santa and the girls were tracking his arrival on their computers, before falling asleep right before Santa arrived at their house with toys. I wish you could have heard the dialogue, as it was too cute!

I made a kid friendly meal for dinner – baked teriyaki chicken with rice, broccoli and grilled pineapple brushed with butter and brown sugar. I sat with them and shared stories and enjoyed them climbing all over my lap, making fun of my stupid, big cheeks that make my eyes shrink when I smile. I love that they want to play and tease me.

When I went to drop off Juliana at her event, I took Charlie with me to see the Christmas lights.

I love that he loves Christmas, and I know I’ve already said this before, but seeing him enjoy it makes me enjoy it even more.  Loving this moment.

These were a few of my favorite things… what were your favorite moments from today? What made you smile?


2 thoughts on “everyday life

  1. My favorite moment of the day was choosing to take a hike at Rancho instead of jumping right into all the work I had piled up, even though I’d already decided to just do my work and it was “literally” freezing cold. The joy I found was on the hike all of the deer that were out in the sparkling sunshine while the paths all along the way were glittering in frost. It was truly beautiful, and I enjoyed getting a great hike in and lots of chat time with my friend. Oh, and I really enjoyed finding my bird fountain half frozen and looking like a winter wonderland. I’m having fun with this weather. If it were gray and gloomy and this cold, that would be another story, but with weather this pretty I’m loving it. My plants are another (sad) story. 😦
    Shannon and the girls arrive on Thursday so I have more moments of joy just around the corner! Yeah!!
    Love you,

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