The Evening Question…

“What good have I done today?” – Ben Franklin

Isn’t this a great question to ask yourself at the end of the day? I usually tend to think about what good thing happened today that I’d like to share when I sit down to write. I like to reflect on all the good, despite the imperfections of the day and to be thankful for the experiences I’ve had. I don’t usually think in terms of what good I have created. But I like that idea.

So let me think… what good have I done today? That feels like bragging… it doesn’t feel comfortable telling you the good things I’ve done. But I’ll try to name 3 things:

1. I was nice to my friends.

2. I loved on my kids and listened and validated them.

3. I made my house cozy.

Your turn… wanna comment? Don’t worry. You don’t have to… just thinking about your goodness is good enough.

We all do so many things that are good, but usually we think of what we did wrong. Let’s think like Ben.

And tomorrow morning, let’s start with the morning question:

What Good Shall I Do Today?

Go be good.


4 thoughts on “The Evening Question…

  1. When our daughter, Rosaine, died, we asked the minister to ask all those who there for her services, to do a “simple act of kindness” every day in her memory. It could be a simple as returning a grocery cart to its proper place instead of leaving it in the way of the next person to use that parking space. Letting someone merge into your lane, opening a door for someone, or just telling someone how nice they look today. The list could go on and on. Frank and I do our best to conscientiously honor this request each and every day. When we do we say to our self, “That one was for you, Honey. I miss you.” This New Year’s Eve will be thirteen years since she left us.

  2. I think it is so important to do good deeds every day! But yes sometimes it’s not easy to talk about them because we don’t want to brag. Yesterday our Girl Scout troop has our Christmas party and I came early to decorate the room and make it more festive for the girls. I think they really loved it 🙂

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